WW2 Russian Squad packs.

  • WW2RSquad 02 900 pxls
  • Now available in the 1st Corps shopping are new squad packs for our 28mm WW2 Russian range, enabling you to build up your forces easily without the odd extra figures you always end up with when buying the supplement packs.Available in 10 and 12 man sections inc Nco’s, LMG’s and assorted rifle men or sub machine guns for the assault units.

    Ideally suited for Chain of Command or Bolt Action rule systems.

    Rifle sections.

  • WW2RSquad 01 900 pxls
    WW2RSquad01. 12 figures.£12
    1 NCO with SMG,2 LMG,9 assorted riflemen.

    WW2RSquad02. 12 figures.£12
    1 NCO with SMG,1 LMG,10 assorted riflemen.

    WW2RSquad03.10 figures.£10
    1 NCO with SMG,1 LMG,8 assorted riflemen.

    WW2RSquad04.10 figures.£10
    1 NCO with SMG,2 LMG,7 assorted riflemen.

  • WW2RSquad 06 900 pxls
  • Assault Sections.
    WW2RSquad05. 12 figures.£12
    1 NCO with SMG,11 assorted figures with LMG

    WW2RSquad06. 10 figures. £10
    1 NCO with SMG,9 assorted figures with LMG

    Also available support weapons and vehicles.There will be more additions to this range soon.

    Next shows.
    Border Reivers Sat 6th Sept
    The Other Partizan Sun 7th Sept

    Please remember to pre-order as we have limited space for stock especially at Partizan.